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TOP 5 places for a variety of shopping
Grocery shopping
Grocery shopping in Finland is a real pleasure! Guests will enjoy a rich assortment of quality food and household chemicals. For shopping, we recommend the Prisma chain of Finnish hypermarkets and CityMarket supermarkets.

Address: Karhumäenkatu 1 Imatra, (parking is free)
Distance from the hotel: 4 km
Fish delicacies
Fish delicacies could be purchased at the Vuoksen kala store. If you want to bring a seafood “souvenir” from Finland, then the option of vacuum packaging is available in Vuoksen kala.

Address: Sulattokuja 4, Imatra (parking is free)
Distance from the hotel: 8.5 km
Shopping centers
In the centre of Imatra, as well as in the shopping centre Iso Kristina (Lappeenranta), a large selection of shops with clothes and shoes for adults and children. Also, there are sports stores, household goods, cosmetics, underwear, jewellery available for you to purchase. You can relax from shopping and drink coffee in one of the cafes or restaurants that are within walking distance.

Address: Kaivokatu 5, Lappeenranta (paid parking)
Distance from the hotel: 35 km
For famous luxury brands, head to the Zsar Outlet. There are additional discounts and promotions throughout the seasons, you can learn more about them on the outlet’s website.

Address: Rouvanmäentie 3, Vaalimaa (parking is free)
Distance from the hotel : 95 km
Sports shops
In the sports shops of Imatra and Laapenranta you will find a wide range of clothes, shoes, leisure goods, as well as amateur equipment and equipment for professional athletes. We recommend visiting Intersport, UK Koskimies and XXL Sports & Outdoor stores.

Address: Koskenparras 5, Imatra
Distance from the hotel: 5.8 km

UK Koskimies
Address: Ratakatu 37-39, Lappeenranta
Distance from the hotel: 36.5 km

XXL Sports & Outdoor
Address: Myllärinkatu 10, Lappeenranta
Distance from the hotel: 36.4 km
The centre of Imatra with various shops, including retail shops for adults, children, a sports store, dishes and decor, underwear, jewellery, products and, of course, cafes and restaurants.
Address: Koskenparras 3, Imatra (parking in the city center is free everywhere, but parking hours must be set)
Distance from the hotel: 4.5 km
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