Active holiday in rhythm with nature
Accommodation rules
To make your stay at our holiday village as comfortable as possible, we ask to:
  • 1
    Follow the rules and recommendations of accommodation.
  • 2
    Comply with the rules of fire safety and regulations when using electric devices and appliances. The apartments are equipped with fire extinguishers. Use this only in the event of a fire!
  • 3
    Complete the check-out at the right time (at 12 noon) and upon leaving, hand over the apartment by notifying the staff of our holiday village.
  • 4
    Pay for services in full and on time.
  • 5
    Notify staff in advance of any check-out delays.
  • 6
    Report accidental damage to the property of the holiday village to the staff and compensate for the damage before check-out.
  • 7
    Observe silence after 10 p.m. and avoid incidents that may disturb the peace and comfort of other guests of the holiday village.
  • 8
    Avoid moving furniture from the apartments to the terrace or balcony.
  • 9
    Avoid using furniture or equipment in neighboring apartments.
  • 10
    When leaving the apartment close the water taps and windows, turn off the lights and electrical appliances, and lock the front door.
  • 11
    For safety reasons, we ask you not to leave children under 12 years of age alone in the apartment without adult supervision. Parents or persons entrusted with the care of their children during their stay are responsible for their children throughout the property, including the playground.
  • 12
    Avoid inviting strangers into apartments, leaving outsiders alone in apartments, and avoid handing over the door key to outsiders.
  • 13
    The administration of the holiday village is not responsible for the loss of money, credit cards, jewelry, and other valuables not deposited at the host office.
Host office: +358 50 4335 480.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Saimaa Life & light!