Road adventures

The best way to discover the beauty of Finnish nature is by bike. The famous Finnish bike model JOPO is ideal for any rider. Saimaa Life has a true surprise for lovers of active leisure. It offers light and comfortable bicycles that would suit children and adults alike. There are perfect bike trails around Saimaa Life for anyone to ride, which is both healthy and pleasant.

For serious сycling athletes there’s a chance to participate in cycling marathons, or to go on long bike trips around Lake Saimaa or along the raging rapids of the Vuoksi river enjoying the beauty of the local landscapes.

Familiar from early childhood scooters are again in. Scootering is not just fun, it is good for training, keeps one fit, and helps relieve stress at that. It knows neither rules nor restrictions. All one may need is to choose the right model and enjoy the ride. In Saimaa Life scooters will be your faithful companions in pleasurable adventures.