Finnish cuisine in SaimaaLife

Finnish cuisine has a special, unique flavor and keeps traditions of ancient times when people lived by subsistence farming, and fish was a natural product to be found in large amounts in the sea, rivers and numerous Finnish lakes. Traditionally Finns don’t fry fish. Fish is stewed, baked, boiled, soaked, salted and steamed. The milk, fish is soaked in, is then used to make soup, which is a Finnish speciality. Another speciality is soup made of milt and caviar, and they say it is highly tasty and healthy

Milk products in Finnish cuisine is a special story. In manufacturing milk and various dairy products, butter in particular, the Finns have gained vast experience, which helps achieve exquisite taste even in the simplest dishes. Thus, before cooking, barley is soaked in milk or yogurt to make the porridge taste deliciously creamy, and butter is blended with spring onions and salt or dill and garlic, and only then is smeared on bread.

In the rating of favourite Finnish dishes, meat is far behind fish and milk. However, meat of wild animals, like bear meat, venison and elk meat, takes its rightful place among traditional Finnish dishes. Wild goes perfectly with wild, and wild berry jam is an ideal dressing for those dishes – another spécialités de la maison. Roasted and stewed meat dishes can additionally include fish ingredients, which is also a feature of the local cuisine, or even mentality.

Fully experience the flavor of the country where you are staying, you can only try it in the kitchen. Traditional dishes from the freshest natural ingredients to complement, and at times create a full impression of the trip. In SaimaaLife you can also prepare meals with local products bought at the local supermarket: the apartment has a convenient kitchen with everything you need, and can order meals from our chef, who knows all the secrets of Finnish cuisine and ready at your request to prepare a delicious lunch or a exquisite dinner.