Ski and ski-roller trails in Saimaa Life and surroundings for professionals and amateurs

If you are into cross-country skiing or do skiing professionally, Saimaa Life is just the place for you both in winter and in summer because:
  • The illuminated part of the ski and ski-roller trail that runs in the pine forest along the lake is 50 metres from away from our hotel.
  • 120 km of ski trails of all difficulty levels laid out in forest and along Lake Saimaa as well as 20 km of illuminated ski trails of the best finish quality are suitable for all kinds of skiers – from beginners to professionals. They are professionally maintained and cared for daily. Annually national tournaments and ski competitions are held here on a European scale.
  • A super modern biathlon stadium with a shooting range 400 meters from our grounds was opened in November 2015.
  • Special Finnish technologies make it possible for the ski trails to be in use 6 months a year – from November to April.
  • Our hotel has a gym and 100-metre rubber running tracks with gear, as well as a warm storage room for skis.
  • On request we can render service related to your gear including delivery to the apartments and provide ski equipment for rent.
  • Our hotel can also serve as an excellent base for ski training camps and competitions, e.g. with the participation of Imatran Urheiljat athletes.