The whole family on skis!

We go skiing at the weekend! What about children? Of course, take along the ski track! An experienced trainer will tell you the right moves.

Stop, a moment: you are on vacation!

Vacation: one big or many small? Any vacation should bring only joy and happiness, and therefore it must be spent together with loved ones!

For those who love sales!

We give a gift certificate to the Prisma store for 40 euros when booking from -3 nights. Indicate post-Christmas discounts, always in January, shopping at Imatra and Lappeenranta.

Celebrate your birthday at Saimaa Life and get a surprise!

Birthday is a special holiday. And, of course, everyone wants to get some kind of surprise on this day! Make surprises not only for your birthday, do them every day and say nice words to each other!

It is profitable to relax with us!

So that you can travel more often, we will help you save money. Just dial the phone, book directly the apartments in SaimaaLife and get a 10% discount on accommodation!