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In the rush and crush of modern life, it is rarities that we value most, such as space, quiet and time. A space to breathe, a time to dream… you can find these treasures in Saimaa Life, where lakes are many and people are few.

An ideal place to spend a vacation with family and friends, and to do individual and team sports all year round. There are facilities for all ages from children to older people as well as for various sports interests.

In the end what does one need for a pleasant vacation besides good company? Fresh air and good atmosphere, possibilities for favourite pastimes and last but not least good food and comfortable housing – all that one can find in Saimaa Life.

The management of Saimaa Life Sport & Leisure Apart Hotel will eagerly give you advice on how to organize your holiday in the best way. When staying with us you can always drop in at the administrative building, located to the left of the main entrance to the hotel, and our staff will brief you on the facilities of the hotel and the entire Lakeland. There is also a Gastro Cafe there, where morning visitors can enjoy a delicious Finnish breakfast, and during the day those willing will be treated to a cup of strong aromatic coffee or berry tonic tea. In our minimarket you will find groceries, souvenirs, as well as anything you may need for a comfortable stay and leisure.

Old stories that Finland is a boring place with mosquitoes are no longer true to life. Our village has much to offer to fill your free time. Here you can go in for all kinds of sport: beach volleyball or football, golf or ice hockey. Trekking or cycling, Nordic walking or horseback riding will help you combine physical exercise with pleasure. Learning to ski or skate, to sail or kayak is no problem, either.  If you wish to enjoy yourselves with children, there are lots of options available to your liking in the Fishing Park, Angry Birds Activity Park or Ropes Park.

The sports infrastructure of Saimaa Life and surroundings is so varied that it is easier to say what it lacks. Our hotel provides rental of sports equipment, There’s also a premise for storing your sports gear, so you won’t need to carry it along to your apartment. Individual training in all sports is possible, too.

Moreover, the apartments in Saimaa Life are set up in such a way as to give our guests a feeling of privacy. At the same time all sports and attractions venues are within walking distance from the village, and cars will take you to music, film and food festivals…