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Saimaa Life Leisure & Sports Hotel is an ideal place for lovers of winter sports, including hockey players and figure skaters. 400 metres away from the hotel there is a new Ice Arena, fully equipped with everything necessary for both professional athletes and beginners, where one can rent all kinds of sports gear from hockey to Curling.

Large (60×30 m) and small (56х26 m) ice rinks with excellent ice cover, gym, 60 m long rubber track, 9 warm dressing rooms, drying and washing rooms, storage room for sports gear, conference hall with Hi-Fi projector and wireless Internet – all that allows to hold here sports meets and high level hockey tournaments.

And our hotel is specially designed for such sports meets and sports camps having comfortable fully equipped apartments that can accommodate over 100 quests.

Figure skating

Lovers of ice sports don’t need to wait for winter time here, for there’s every possibility in Saimaa Life to do winter sports throughout the year. The local Ice Palace offers all the facilities to go in for among others ice hockey and figure skating.

However, winter has its special surprises: when lakes freeze and turn into natural ice rinks enormous in size it becomes possible to go on long distance tours with ski poles, in other words Nordic skating. It is a real thrill.

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