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Away from everyday life

The South is good for holidays, while the North is good for living without getting tired of life. Crossing the Finnish border, we do not just move into a different country. We get confronted with a completely different mode of existence and adjust ourselves to a special way of thinking.

The unique charm of the Finnish Lakeland creates a perfect atmosphere for leading a leisurely and relaxing Scandinavian style life. Join the tranquil current of time and share the harmony of the surrounding nature.

  • Fantastic nature of Northern Europe.
  • Wonderful climate with a pronounced seasonality.
  • Pristine lake with numerous islands and sand or pebble beaches.
  • Unique annual light cycle.
  • Primeval forests with trails for walking and adventures.
  • Rich flora and fauna that make nature watching an intriguing pastime.
  • Mushrooms and berries, natural products and basic ingredients of traditional Finnish cuisine during the warm season

You will be able to fully appreciate the unique combination of nature’s harmony with civilized life, discovering purely Scandinavian pastimes that in a sense form a special local lifestyle.